What to Expect

Within 24 hrs of booking your trip, you will receive a call from a Top Yacht staff member to help customize your trip, answer any questions, and optimize your experience.

What is Included

What’s included?  All of the necessary items needed for a successful trip, such as bait, tackle, rods, reels, and fishing licenses are included in the charter price.  We also clean your fish and bag them if you choose to take your catch with you!


Food & beverages are also included! No need to bring a heavy cooler or pack a lunch and snacks.  We provide coffee, bottled water, sodas, beer and a great lunch.  We’ll personalize your favorites when we contact you after booking!  


Tips are included! Unlike other charters that ask you to pay an additional 20% to 25% tip at the end of the day, we include compensation for the Captain and First Mate in our charter fees.  No tipping is necessary unless you want to reward the crew for a great experience.

What to Bring

You will want to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and weather appropriate clothing.  While Heavy Hitter usually makes for a smooth ride, if you have a woozy stomach, contact your personal doctor and ask for the Transderm Scopolamine Patch, or what is commonly known as the “patch.” Motion sickness medication can also be effective, but don’t wait until you feel bad! Take the medication as directed prior to the excursion.